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Greetings to all, both followers of Christ and those that are seeking...
We would like to welcome you to our new Daily Devotional Blog. This Blog is intended to open up a place where people who would like to get the things that God has shown them and that would be beneficial to the Body of Christ, the Church, to get them published and available to the public.

If your an aspiring writer and would like to get your work published here, please submit your work to stephenson.wnmdag@gmail.com   Subject: DEVO SUBMISSIONS.  By doing so, you retain the rights to your work but also give us permission to post it here on our church website as well as other social media outlets that we do outreach to. You will receive full credit for your work and it is given free of charge to us as well as those that read them.

All Devos submitted, must follow the basic tenants of the Christian Faith and may not point to or promote specific denominations, nor shall they put down or ridicule other denominations. The purpose of these Devos is that we all may grow in our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and that they may reach the lost and brokenhearted for the Kingdom of God. May the Lord bless you and speak through your writings.  
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